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Here we have some general questions, that we have been asked over some time, they may help you, if your question is not on this space please give us a call or send us an email and we will be more than happy to answer, if we can, Thank you.


I am not sure what i need and how long it will take ? 


We are happy to come to your home when you are in and have a chat about your requirements, we are happy to supply some ideas that might help or we are happy to work from pictures or drawings supplied. Most people have a good idea of what they want, we are more than happy to give advice, where needed. 


I am not always in, do you need me there ?


No we are happy to work alone, all we need is to gain access to the garden that needs work, we are trustworthy and keep all mess to a minimum, we will keep ongoing jobs tidy when you return.


Can i call you when i need you to ?


Yes, call us for one off jobs or we will do work as and when needed, some people like regular visits, some people like a one off to get them started, we dont mind what we do and when, give us a call in advance as we are busy most times.


How do i pay if i am not there ?


When we have visited your garden we will always ring the bell or knock on the door, if no one is at home we will all ways leave a card to say who has called and we can always call back when your home. We also take paypal payment, or you can bacs us a payment or we take cash and cheques.

PayPal payments can be sent using the email address when you have logged into your account, any problems please contact us,


I am out of the UK alot on busines can you still do my garden ?


We can still attend your garden when you are away, and we also offer a security check when we are there, we do basic checks on doors and windows and report back via email if required. Payment can be made via paypal if required or we can set a monthly account for payment on your return. If any work is required before you return due to break in or vandal damage, we can make good prior to you return.  

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